Cant rember the game i played as a kid

hi i played a game when i was like 8 and cant rember it i rember you were in a apartment and you had the doll hooked up to your ccomputer plz help me find out what game this is my little sis wants to play it :bounce:
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  1. Any chance you could give us any more information than that? And how old are you, or what year was it when you were 8 (so we can get some idea how old this game is)?
  2. Yeah, that's not enough to go by. What type of game was it? What year was that? Anything about controls, or story maybe? Or just any other things that pop into your head?
  3. well this is for my sis she is 10 now so it was like some doll you hooked up to the computer and went to like a world and played games with other pplz thats all the info she can think of :hello:
    so i dont know what to do or how to do it thanks for your help
  4. hey can you get her to think hard and and tell me where u hook it up :)
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