Site that sells SFF cases?

Looking to swap all the gear out of my current tower, and into a SFF case. But everyplace wants to sell you a barebone setup with mobo. I don't need that. I realize some manufacturers sell their product like that..... but does EVERYONE? I just need the case!

AMD XP 3200+ (Barton Core)
Asus A7N8X Ver2.0
2 X 512MB Mushkin (2.5-3-3)
Sapphire ATI 9800PRO
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  1. Does your Mobo fit in an SFF case? According to your system specs, you have an ATX sized mobo. They don't fit in SFF cases. SFF mobos are sized for the case.

    Look into getting a desktop case or a mini-tower if you want to use your existing mobo. (Just a suggestion)

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