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Hey Guys

i rencently upgraded my graphics card from a 6450 to a 6870 and have it overclocked to 1ghz.

my main game was minecraft because it was all i could play. i was at 100 fps with my 6450 and now i am at 50 fps with my 6870. i also am i youtuber and i make minecraft videos. i could record a 70 fps with my 6450 and now it is at 10 when i record

i also noticed that when i play minecraft, my gpu observer says i am at 300mhz/ 300mhz for core clock and mem clock. why am i not at 1000/1150? is there a setting i need to change or is there something i need to do?

Hope you guys can help, thanks
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  1. Thats a strange problem that your GPU doesn't relise it needs to be under load, that's why its not increasing the clock an mem speed, Try turning v-sync off in game if it has the option, update your GPU drivers, also what program did you use to overclock?
  2. is it just with minecraft that the performance dropped?

    are you sure you overclocked it?

    like silverliquicity said, it looks like your gpu don't even try to start the work... or maybe you have downclocked the board instead? wrong voltages?

    i would try return it to stock clock and see if you keep with that problem.

    EDIT: Also see what drivers you are using...
  3. undo the overclock
  4. it was the same before i overclocked it and i just got the card so i have the newest drivers
  5. maybe the newest drivers did this, use the same you were using with the old one...

    Anyways, is this ONLY in minecraft? minecraft almost don't use video card, and it is programmed in JAVA, so it sucks...

    if you are experiencing this low performance in all games can be a problem with the video card, or psu not holding the new gpu.

    if it is just in minecraft, try other drivers, check for some patches and stuff.
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