Battlefield 3 limited edition

Thinking about buying it, does it still come with all the goodies as if you preordered it? (the M1911 and the Back to karkand pack?)

there seems to only be one or 2 in stock at a nearby walmart so I'm probably heading out tomorrow :)
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  1. no. you supposedly cant buy the LTD edition as it was pre order only... if you can find 1 though snap it up as it will save you £10-$15 on the back to karkland dlc.

    every where i have looked they have switched to the normal dlc free edition. meaning you will have to fork out even more money for the full dlc enabled version.

    your key will work fine even if you are a little late in picking the LTD edition up but like i say they are not supposed to be still on sale.
  2. LOL, great news everyone! I got BF3 limited edition for only 40 bucks, the store put the wrong tag on it thinking it was the normal version I guess (my receipt only says Battlefield 3, not limited edition. And its listed on the website as 60 dollars) (Gamestop)

    Anywho, awesome possum.

    Bad news is I have to wait days to download 4Gb patch (why is it so large, any ideas?)
  3. its onsale at gamestop for 40, so is mw3
  4. neal0790 said:
    its onsale at gamestop for 40, so is mw3

    Really? online Gamestop has the regular version for 40 but not Limited Edition, its not even listed there. Atleast, I can't seem to find it :)
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    4GB patch is the "Back to Karkand" map pack as well as the typical bug fixes.

    Enjoy, you got lucky!
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