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I need a case that is big enough that I can water cool the entire system. nothing to expensive though. I would like the case to easy on the eyes. i have looked at the koolance cases but ouch on the pricetag and im not sure how good their water cooling is anyways. I also need advise on water cooling. Would it be better to just buy a kit or piece one together? any suggestions?

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  1. 300 sounds about right to me. show me the way ole wise one.
    as always thanks for the advice.

  2. what about <A HREF="" target="_new"> Clicky </A>

    or <A HREF="" target="_new"> Clicky2 </A>

  3. <A HREF="" target="_new"> Clicky </A>

    I take it you are a danger den person. looks good so far although everything you had me look at is out of stock. that sucks. what about hoses? oh and where are you finding the Xclio Full Tower case for around 100 bucks.

    is this the one?
    <A HREF="" target="_new"> XCLIO XClio-jr </A>

  4. this is a full ATX case. this what you got? I like it

    <A HREF="" target="_new"> XCLIO SUPER BLACK/SILVER </A>

  5. sweet, i may just pick that one up then. can you see into the side of the case ok? I would like to see my water-cooling set-up. also did you see my post inb regards to all teh water-cooling links you sent me. they are out of stock. LOL

  6. check this out. what do ya think and how much is it worth?

    <A HREF="" target="_new"> koolance </A>

  7. i will pick up the one you recommended IF and WHEN i can find the parts. most places that are sold out right now.
    thanks again for the advice

  8. what about these?
    <A HREF="
    " target="_new"> Danger Den RBX - Athlon64/FX/Opteron 1/2" ID Water Block
    </A>considering the radiator only has 1 in and 1 out on it I would go from the radiator to the cpu then to 1 of the video card inlets and then back to the Reservoir.
    <A HREF="" target="_new"> Danger Den Maze4 SLI GPU Water Cooling System </A>
    the Reservoir has 4 In - 2 Out. next the other out on the cpu could go to the other video card block and then back to the Reservoir.
    <A HREF="" target="_new"> Typhoon Dual 5.25" Bay Reservoir - CLEAR </A>

    i decided to go with this case<A HREF="" target="_new"> Aluminum Black Chenming 601 w/ Full Size Window </A>
    also im using the pump you advised me to use
    <A HREF="" target="_new"> Hydor SELTZ L 35 Water Pump </A>

    what about Tubing & Fittings? Should i cool my hard drive. its a 300 gig seagate. i may decide to go to 2 drives and run them in a raid configuration so i guess i would need two HDD coolers.

    i would like everyones thoughts and comments please

  9. i can only find the BlackICE ProII with 2 120mm fans. crap i may just go with the case you suggested. im really confused now. if im only cooling the cpu with water then i need a case with lots of fans for the HD and 2 video cards correct

  10. Quote:
    The amount of heat SLI give out is a pain and it can't be mixed with the CPU waterblock.

    Ah yes, you need to buy the two SLI cards with two slot design(6800Ultra&6800GT have them) so that hot air is directly exausted through the case

    not sure i follow you here. what do you mean by buying the two sli cards with two slot design(6800Ultra&6800GT have them) so that hot air is directly exausted through the case. you got a link that shows me what your talking about.

    i am fixing to order
    <A HREF="" target="_new"> 1/2" ID Reusable Clamp </A>
    <A HREF="" target="_new"> Hydor SELTZ L 35 Water Pump </A>
    <A HREF="" target="_new"> DangerDen TDX 1/2" Copper Water Block - Athlon64 </A>
    <A HREF="http://" target="_new"> Tygon Anti-Kink 1/2" ID (5/8" OD) Tubing </A>
    what else do i need as far as the little things?
    the water block is finally in stock. i just wish the 120mm Radiator and the Reservoir were back in stock so i could order all at the same time.

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