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Skyrim, lost character!!!


I made a new character for my girlfriend on Skyrim thinking my character would still be available to play (as it was so in DAOrigins)
But to my dismay The Giant Dragon eating Nord has vanished!!! Is he eternally lost or can i retrieve him from the void of stupidity?
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    just load up your game where you left off b4 you made the character for your gf... as long as you did save and didnt just let it auto save... autosave oly allows 3 saves b4 it over writes. but actual saves are numbered and you can store as many as your hdd will allow.

    so load up the game and instead of selecting continue, select load... and you will be given a list of save points... dont forget to use F5 in game to make a quick save which is as good as going to the menu and selecting save.
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  3. cheers mate, found him!
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