OCZ PSUs Reliable? Quick!!

I didn't know OCZ manufactured power supplies.
It seems that they are very popular with the adjustable rails feature.
Is a 520w PowerStream strong?
I might grab one right now.
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  1. matters what system you have. if you have a p4 or a64, its good, but if you have an xp, its terrible cause it cant keep a high load on the 5v rail, check out slcentral.com for the review.
  2. It's a A64 3500+, with 3 seagate uata drives, 4x256 corsair xms 400mhz, r9800pro, plextor 716a and a8v deluxe. Will this psu be suitable if i upgrade in the future, such as upgrading to a new generation nvidia or ati card.
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