Need Good Gaming Mouse !!!!

Need A gaming Mouse for price around 65$
i used to have mx518 but its right click got stuck and logitech company has stopped making Mx518 So i am in deep trouble
can u guys help me with mouse around 65$ i usually play all sorts of FPS !!!!!please help !!!!!!
And Suggest A Good mouse pad for the particular Mouse !!!!

sry my budget is 65$ little bit of mis-calculation as i am indian calculating problem !!
Razer deathadder
logitech g400
or any other mouse u know !!!!!
confused btewwen these two !!!!
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  1. In the 45 dollar range the Logitech G400 is the best mouse out there. You need to get a new revision of the G400 though to get the sensor with zero accel/zero prediction. If you get a new revision G400, it is overall the best mouse on the market at the moment, with only the Zowie AM in competition.
  2. I bought the Rocketfish Universal Gaming Mouse Pad last summer for my Logitech Performance MX and G500 mouse. At $10 + $5 shipping, that half what I paid for mine.

    It's a dual sided mouse pad. "Speed" has a smooth surface which allows the mouse to glide easier. But I use "Control" for better accuracy.

    I'm considering buying another one as backup to use when my current one wears out.
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