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Please help me choose a PSU... look at my system

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July 3, 2005 11:26:39 PM

I am looking to upgrade my 350 power supply to a 480-550, please suggest a good one. I want to have the psu for a while so i think a 520-550 would do nicely. I am looking fior a high quality one that will get the power where it needs to go most efficiently. Thanks all!
Asus mother board: NVIDIA nForce 3 250 gb Chipset based
k8n Neo (designed for atlon 64 processors)
1040 DDR Ram
GeForce 6800 gt oc 256mb ddr3 ram
athlon 64 processor 3000+ (running at 2.2 for some reason)
160 gig maxtor internal harddrive running at 7200 rpm
dvd-rw and cd-rw drives (2 drives)
turtle beach sound card (last of its kind)

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July 4, 2005 2:46:00 AM

Anything but ultra!!

AMD 64 +3200
(4) 512MB XMS CORSAIR PC3200 400 MHZ
(1) WD 120GB
Tsunami Dream Case
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July 4, 2005 4:56:01 AM

i wanted somthing fior the future too, somthing that will last, not burn out and be reliable. All I know is that when I plug my dvd burner into the psu i have now, i cant play games, but unplugged i can. I want to change this psu as soon as possible.

I am seriously a novice in this area. I need a psu that will connect with my computer components.

Should I get the antec that someone listed above?
July 4, 2005 5:32:59 AM

is everything compatible with my rig? are these two both compatible? I read that thermatake is loud... i wonder if its true for all users.... i will have to decide after your next answer wusy... if the thermatake is compatible with my rig (all specs above) i will probably go with that, but just let me know if the antec is also compatible... if you can.. thanks bud, i apreciate it....

dont mind my typing im tired and i am in a rush to sleep
July 10, 2005 4:16:27 AM

<A HREF="" target="_new"> TT 680watt PSU $154 </A>

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