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Hi All,
Please help. I have a weird problem with win2000/my PC. I call it weird cause this is the first time I see it. This needs some explanation, please be patient with me.

Nine months ago I installed Win2000 on this PC. I created users: Administrator, myself, user1, user2. Of course the Administrator account is rarely used. I and User1 use this PC daily. But User2 rarely uses this PC. After creating each account, a different PW was assigned to everyone. Tested and ran OK.

Just today, User2 tryed to log on, the PC did not allow him to log in and displayed :"Windows cannot copy file C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\Templates\wordpfct.wpg to location C:\Documents and Settings\User2.IDEQ210P\Templates\wordpfct.wpg. Contact your network administrator.
DETAIL - The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process."

My immediate reaction was to create a new user: User3. So I used the power of the Administrator account to do just that. To my surprise, when trying to log on using User3, my PC reacted the same way (same display but denoted to User3).

Could any of you please help me to understand this and how to fix this?
Thank you and regards,
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  1. Are you using Fast User Switching? A process is using that file as said. A restart and log in and it should work. You might want to log in as Administrator and under System Settings - Advanced - System Profiles - copy one of your Profiles over to the new User account.

    WordPerfect apparently isn't copying the templates over to each user account, but instead it's using the Default User Profile as a share point for Word Perfect to pull the templates. You can change your Profile from Roaming to Local on your PC, which might correct the problem.
    You might also need to add Administrator or Power User features to your user accounts to give them access to copy files.
  2. Hi Riser,

    Thanks a bunch for your help. I just want to get back to you right away on this issue 'cause it might take me a little bit long to fix the problem. I'll follow your instructions.

    With my limited knowledge it is hard for me to know exactly if I used Fast User Switching. My immediate questions are:

    1. Can't remember I had WordPerfect. I only have MSWord.
    2. Why User2 could log on when I first created that account but not now. What has changed lately? Any explanations?

    Well, I'll get back to you with my result.
    Thanks and have a good day.
  3. Fast User Switching would be under Start - Control Panel - Users - you'll see the check boxes under Change the Ways Users Log on and Off.

    I would disable that if it's just you using the computer.

    You'll want to make sure accounts have admin access. The file might be a MSWord template it uses to read WordPerfect. You might need to look up your error on Microsoft's website in that case.

    If the accounts are the same, the only thing I could say is that a process never fully finished. You may need to delete your user profile under C:\documents and settings\ (user2) and then log back in using that account and it should clear the problem.
  4. Hi Riser,

    Glad to inform you that the problem was fixed. As far as the reason why it got to this problem I still do not know. I set up all users about 8 months ago or so. I tested. All user accounts worked back then. Of course, along the months I installed different SW and after each, I never checked all accounts. One observation is that any account often used, it is not affected.

    Here is how I fixed it. Using Administrator account to grant administrator access to User2 account. Log out. Log back in with User2 account. Restart PC. Log in as Administrator again. Change access on User2 from Admin to PowerUser. Doublecheck User2 account. It still works OK.

    Thanks, Riser, for your big help.
    Have a good day.
  5. Good deal.. Heads up on Windows systems. Almost all accounts are going to need Admin rights or Power User rights to fully function. A lot of programs won't work if you don't have higher rights than a normal user (Lotus Notes in my case).

    Windows Vista is being/has been designed to work around this so users won't need admin rights all the time but they'll have the rights they need to do things, but not the all encompassing Administrator rights.

    Good job on it!
  6. Thank, Riser. You wouldn't know how much I appreciate your help and others on this forum: very much!

    Have a good one.
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