Skyrim grey screen crash

I've been having issues with Skyrim lately, it seems to be that the game sometimes inexplicitly goes in to a gray screen (crashes). As of right now the only thing I can think off is restarting my computer when this happens, nothing else works. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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  1. gray screen with stripy bars means your gfx had crashed and cant restart the driver.(ati cards).. often its cause by an unstable oc on the gfx card or a bad install of the driver...
    uninstall the gfx driver and run ccleaner's registry cleaner tool. reboot and reinstall the gfx driver...
    if your using ati hardware then get the latest 12.2 beta drivers. they should make gaming smoother... if your already using them then switch back to the 12.1performance driver. i used them for 6 weeks without issue.

    if you have an nvidia card then the above is of no use to you ... put your specs up plz...
  2. I turned down my clock speed on AMD Overdrive and that seems to have fixed it. Would you happen to know what a solid overclok would be for the 6970 using only the Overdrive not Bios if that's even how you overclock a gpu? I had it set to max previously and as you can see that had its problems.
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