Skyrim Lancher crash and game crash

I been experiencing my launcher crashing after a few seconds of running(When it is checking the subscribed mods). Also I click play" Before it crashes and it launches the game normal but after not even 5 minutes of playing it crashes. I don't know what to do, is it my mods or what. And currently with out the game disk so I can't reinstall the game(I think).
Please help

Edit: It works fine on the administrators account but not on the account I'm currently using.
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  1. you need to run the game with admin privs if you install it on the primary partition or your game wont be able to read and write to the disk properly...
    also you want to make sure the game is stable b4 you start adding mods...
  2. Yeah I made sure it was stable when I added those mods, it just seems to not work on that account but it did work on another non-admin account.
  3. most likely your account is lacking some priviliges that is inhibiting the game from running properly
  4. Maybe, but the other non administrative account has the same settings and works fine.
    Okay the launcher works fine now it doesn't crash its just the game that keeps crashing. I don't know it might be there is too much going on or something.
  5. I'm assuming you have your game patched to 1.4?
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