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Console Vs PC.

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February 13, 2012 4:03:20 PM

I used to be a huge Xbox gamer. I remember playing Halo 1 when it first came out. The good old days.

Then Achievements came and I worked sooo hard to complete games. I had like 22 games fully completed.

Over the past year I have turned to in to a PC gamer. I now own 157 games on steam. I like PC gaming because of the performance and graphic capabilities.

But I find my self playing competitive games on the Xbox again. I got BF3 for the PC, but it isn't as fun. I have been playing it on the console and I have been having a way better time aiming. I don't know how to describe it, but consoles are just better for FPS games.

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February 13, 2012 4:13:32 PM

what is your computer? probabily what you cannot describe is that your console runs smoother than your pc more fps, set all the graphics on the pc to very low that you will get on the xbox settings, now if even with everething on low the game still with low fps, it is time to upgrade your personal computer.

EDIT:there is also the point that on console everyone is playing with controls, and when you got keyboard+mouse you are in another scope. playing with a controller against someone on mouse+keyboard... there is just no way.
February 13, 2012 4:21:11 PM

That's what I am talking about. It takes more skill to play with a controller then a mouse. And I can run BF3 on the highest quality.
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February 13, 2012 4:51:55 PM

i don't say that takes more skill, but it is not something so natural as using mouse/keyboard, also the precision you get with mouse keyboard is much better than what you will get on a controller, on the controller, on the other hand, takes a little time to master because it is less intuitive, you don't have a precision area to slide your aim, instead of a hand movement action you go for a joystick movement, and so when you learn to play on controller, everyone else will die easily, but you will never be better in controller than what you can be on a keyboard+mouse.

Also you can run bf3 on high but is it at 60fps locked? because consoles try to get full performance instead of graphics, so if you lower your graphics you may get closer to what you get in the console.

So in console you will be always raging against lot of guys that can't play and you kill them.
February 13, 2012 6:03:38 PM

crazyboylou said:
That's what I am talking about. It takes more skill to play with a controller then a mouse. And I can run BF3 on the highest quality.

Its because consoles FPS all have auto aim/aim assist. There is none of that on any PC FPS. It actually takes WAYYYY more skill to be good on a PC FPS with KB/mouse. If the dev's turned off that "feature" the console version would not that fun at all.
February 13, 2012 6:09:48 PM

also that, i play on pc, and i have a controller, i am good at fps, but the precision is not even close when playing with mouse/keyboard...

for me it is the opposite, games that are NOT FPS, that ones are great on controllers, hack n slash, arcades, racing, flight, all those games are better in controlers because of the triggers + joysticks...
February 16, 2012 4:28:22 PM

its 2 totally different beast you can't compare them. Yes you get awesome presision with a mouse and keyboard. But i would totally disagree when you said a controller is harder to master. controller is much easier.

And I believe console gaming is on a much more even playing ground. Everyone is on the same system. In PC gaming it helps to have $. You can play the game on a higher setting, pay for more responsive equipment etc. I'm not hating on PC gaming, but I prefer FPS's on the console.
February 17, 2012 2:58:17 AM

I am new to PC gaming but I am loving it. I played on consoles for as long as I can remember and I took me a while to get used (not master yet) the kb/mouse but it becomes easier every day.

What I really love about PC gaming is that I really get a full experience from my games.
Besides having an all-in-one system (PC I mean) makes cleaning easier for me.