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Here's you guys and gals a new one to ponder on. I installed windows 95 on my freshly installed virtual machine 2007, along with the virtual floopy so I would have the boot imag. It runs great, but I encounter a problem when running a simulation PC game. The game requires use of the key board in order to control movment with in the simulation. It will not work at all in game mode. I can use the key board when just running windows 95. The mouse will work. Does anyone know what might be causing the key board to not be usable in game mode?
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  1. if you got some high end keyboard, the drivers might be incompatible with your game or it doesn't like the USB. I don't know if there's software that would allow you to simulate PS2.
  2. Well that does make alot of sence to me for this reason. I ran this game on an older HP computer with Windows 98 and it did fine until I began having display problems. I know what happend to the display, my bad on that one. I'm going to try an older key board and see what happens. Thanks!!
  3. Older Key board was a no go!!
  4. well if it's not the keyboard, then I'm out of ideas, since I'm not that well versed in virtual machine environments. sorry, mate.
  5. As you can see my friend I am not either and I do thank you for taking the time to try and help me figure out something. I'll look into something else. Have a great day!
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