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I use my 46 inch tv as my computer monitor and when I switch the preset on the tv to go to the computer it will not recognize anything is connected for video capture. Is there a way to capture the video through another preset on my tv for my 360?
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  1. just thinking out of the box here. Would a HDMI Capture card work if I did it that way?
  2. you're referring to "switch the preset" what does that mean? if you're already using the tv as the monitor I'm not sure what you're trying to by switching it to something else.

    What do mean by capture video from your 360? your tv should have no trouble displaying 360 output if you've connected it properly and switched the tv to proper input source.

    If you're trying to do something else, you've done a poor job explaining it. So in order for someone to be able to help you we need to understand what you're trying to do.
  3. I meant input. I am trying to capture video from my xbox 360. I have to switch inputs on the tv to switch between playing the xbox and viewing my computer screen. When I switch to the input for my computer, the program I use only sees a black screen and does not detect that there is a source connected to it (xbox). I'm assuming that it doesn't detect it because when I am viewing my computer screen on the tv, the xbox screen is no longer being displayed on the screen. I would like to know if there is a way to work around this, assuming you can understand that.
  4. ok, I'm still confused a bit so let me try to lay it out.

    you have 1 tv that you're using to as a pc monitor and as a screen for your xbox360. Both pc and xbox are connected to the tv via different input ports. I think we are ok up till here.

    you have a video capture card that is connected to computer, I guess? if not, can you tell me what make/model capture card you got so we can be on common ground?

    if you got the capture card in your computer, how are you connecting the xbox to the capture card?

    the tv cannot pipe the signal from 1 peripheral to another.

    typically you will have the capture card connected directly to the xbox for input.

    If I'm missing some piece of information, please let me know.
  5. I have my capture card in the computer. I have my xbox connected to the tv via hdmi and the rca portion of the xbox is connected to the capture card. It's a Pinnacle Studio capture card. You have answered the portion of why it may not be seeing the xbox connected to the card. I will try and do some re-wiring this evening though and see if I can get the card to recognize the xbox even though the xbox is not being displayed as I am looking at the tv as a monitor.
  6. I am a bit confused myself, but if I understand you correctly you are trying to output from the Xbox with HDMI and component cables at the same time.

    As I understand it the Xbox won't (or didn't used to at least) let you ouput video from HDMI and component at the same time.

    Edit: Assuming that hasn't changed you would need to go from your Xbox to your capture card in your PC and then from your PC to yourTV/Monitor.
  7. as tibbs said, xbox needs to be piped straight into the capture card. If the card has the streambypass feature you will be able to run a cable from cap card to the TV and switch to it, to monitor what's going on with the xbox.

    Hope that helps
  8. if your using a black magic intesity pro, you will need to unhook your xbox from your computer for a min go to your settings on your xbox and set it to 720p. This is the highest standard that the black magic will be able to handle. Don't worry it still looks great.

    then go ahead and reconnect your xbox to your computer and your computer back to your tv on a hdmi imput. This should solve your problem. I will keep monitoring this thread if you need any other help, with either recording your gameplay or streaming it live on a site like

    hope this helped
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