Major Lag on Good System?

After downloading skyrim on a second rig I put together and starting it up for the first time on this comp, I can see I am having a lot of issues with it. The intro all the way up to where you choose whether you choose to follow the imperials or stormcloaks works fine, but when I side with the stormcloaks and enter the building with the light shining from the top, my machine takes a massive fps dump. It appears to really hurt when I am looking at something very light intensive. For instance, a flowing torch on a dark staircase. I gunned it to leave the dungeon, and once I was out, the FPS were slightly better but they were far from great. I can't look at a campfire without my fps dropping below 20fps. Could someone please help me.


Skyrim Graphics Settings: High (default for my system)
Game controller mode off

Computer Specs

Asus Rampage 3 forumla
i7 950 @ stock
1333mhz 6gb corsair XMS3
GTX 460
Some HP Sata HDDs (I recycled off old comp)

I have the latest graphics drivers and my HDD isn't fragmented at all.
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  1. did you make sure to format the HDD when you put it into your new rig?

    what skyrim version are you running?

    what nvidia drivers version are you running?
  2. get the skyrim nvidia d3d9.dll it will help balance out performance issues
    other than that get over to the skyrim nexus for other performance mods.
    as antzig suggests make sure your drivers are correct.
  3. The drivers and skyrim version are the latest. I just started and finished another skyrim install today. The nvidia drivers are the latest for the GTX 460. I would give you exact numbers, but i'm far away from that comp right now ;)
  4. the exact numbers is what i was asking for
  5. 285.62 graphics skyrim
  6. have you tried latest beta drivers? 295.~

    they are supposed to have lots of skyrim performance optimizations
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