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PS Vita Graphics

I admit im not too good w/ the technical stuff, soo.....

How good is the PS Vita's GPU? I heard it uses power vr's 543mp4 mobile gpu. how does that compare to a pc's gpu? At that resolution, my guess is the intel HD 3000.

Im just trying to get an impression of what i can expect with PS Vita Graphics. Basically what im asking is...what is the PC equivalent (approximate) to the GPU in the PS Vita at QHD resolution?
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    Well they are two completely different beasts. The Vita is using a mobility like quad core cpu and quad core gpu so you can't really make a direct comparison to a PC set-up even with an integrated gpu like the intel HD 3000 or Llano architecture.

    From what I have seen the graphics are basically on-par (slightly worse) with the PS3 so I would be using that as your realistic comparison, however the oled screen is superb compared to what an average user would have their PS3 connected.
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