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Low FPS BF 3 gtx 550 ti 2 gig

I have recently upgraded my GPU from 9800 Gt to a gtx 550 TI 2 gig made by evga. However my fps didn't increase very much at all. Im still getting FPS down into the teens and low 20s. I am still playing on low settings even though recommended settings for Battle Field 3 with this card are med to high settings. Along with the low FPS the game play is never smooth even with 40 FPS the game has a shaking look and feel to it like CPU is chocked. while playing the sound will stutter and loop repeating itself. I reboot windows 2 weeks ago. I just re installed the latest nvidia beta driver 295 I did a clean install by removing all old drivers then only installing video driver and phys x.
here is my system specs.
windows 7 home x64
mobo biostar A770e3 less than 1 yr old
cpu amd athlon ii x2 250 3 ghz less than 1 yr old
ram kingston two 2 gig stix = 4 gig less than 1 yr old
gpu gtx 550 ti 2gig overclocked to 972mhz from factory about a month old
hdd is from my old HP media center m7470n
power supply corsair 600 watt about a month old
im using on board sound atm but i should be getting a sound card this weekend.
I also play combat arms which runs fine around 150 FPS.
I use advanced system care 5 pro daily. iobit gamebooster before launching any games.
Thanks for any suggestions. ive done all i can think of and now im reaching out for help.
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  1. I had a simular problem with my 560ti, i think Nvidias settings are fairly optomistic or where run on a card with an extreme overclock. I got framerates between 1-40 when I used the recomended settings, after i turned most of the post processing off and everything else to high or medium I managed about 30-50 but yeah,
  2. im running on the lowest possible settings and still running very low fps. i also used a tweaking guide from nvidias forum to set the nvidia control panel to optimal settings. didnt make a big difference. i put this comp together myself and it works just need to fugure this out cause it really isnt playable this way for me. with device manager open on the cpu screen the cpu is hitting 99- 100% all the time that the game is running. is there a way to test the cpu and see if it has a bad core or something physically wrong with it?
  3. ok i installed speedfan and it is showing cpu usuage at 92 - 99 % the cpu temp is running at 35c (the core temp which i believe to be cpu) with game running on single player. the gpu temp is 76c speedfan shows it in red to hot ? temp 1 2and 3 are around 40- 45c hdo temp fluctuates to 43c from 40c.
  4. its not a completely useless dual core as it can easily match the e6700 so im surprised your having any issues with fps as your system is quite well balanced...
    i would be looking at a driver issue rather than a hardware 1. your gpu although not hugely powerful should run most games at medium settings on a 1080p display. as it has roughly the same grunt as an old gtx 260 so again not completely useless...

    so like i say check your drivers... the latest 1s may not be the best so grab a few i think 258.xx is where you should start looking.

    part of the problem will be that bf3 needs a quad on multiplayer maps like karkland just to cope with the extra traffic that the net connection brings to the game. turning the gfx up and down wont bring much help on them maps so you may be better off sticking to the smaller 1 for now till you can be sure its not a driver issue.
  5. ill give the 258 driver a shot. i am running on a 1440 x 900 res. so i dont know if that might have anything to do with this issue. its not just the karkand maps its all the multiplayer maps. single player is hitting 64 fps but still looks choppy and stalls at times
  6. it's either gpu drivers or cpu imho, but your cpu is still a dual core so I think it's most likely gpu drivers.
  7. i dled the 285 driver and after uninstalling the 295 driver the 285 failed to install dling 285 again to see if it was a bad dl.
  8. i dled the newest drivers for the mobo. are there other drivers i need to dl for the cpu? i went to and the only drivers they had were for gpu.
  9. you don't get motherboard bios's from amd, you get them from your motherboard manufacturer.
  10. It looks like you tweak your sytem to remain optimal. As you have good fps with other games I think your problem lies with your CPU and not neccesarily with drivers etc. It's at the recommended minimum which usually translates to 'it'll run, but, run like sh*t'. You say yourself the CPU is maxed when playing.

    Minimum requirements for Battlefield 3

    OS: Windows Vista or Windows 7
    Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or Althon X2 2.7 GHz
    RAM: 2GB
    Graphic card: DirectX 10 or 11 compatible Nvidia or AMD ATI card, ATI Radeon 3870 or higher, Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT or higher.
    Graphics card memory: 512 MB
    Sound card: DirectX compatible sound card
    Hard drive: 15 GB for disc version or 10 GB for digital version

    My son plays BF3 on his Q6600 / 4gb / GTX 275 / 285 (drivers) system at 1080 on high and does not have any issues. No stuttering etc.

    I am sorry but I think you may have to put your hand back in your pocket and fork out for an AM3 X4 quad core to play BF3 with your system. :(
  11. i've had an e8400 3.0ghz and a 560ti, battlefield was running under the specifications from nvidia also, because battlefield 3 uses a lot of cpu also, so if you are not using a cpu with at least 4 physical cores the game will present low performance...

    i've upgraded my cpu to i72600k, and there it is, performance now is even better than the recommended by nvidia.

    battlefield 3 is one of those games that use lots of cpu, so probably upgrading it will increase your performance a lot.
  12. im thinking of upgrading the cpu or just overclocking this one to 3.6 or higher. my question is about my hard drive it is a older seagate barracuda 7200.8 it has a 8 mb cache. 7200 rpm. its out of my old pre built hp media center from back in 2006. can this be bottlenecking the info since so much is used to run bf3. or is it still a decent drive? if i do upgrade my cpu i wont be able to afford a i7 those r like 300$ on :(
  13. Its the x2. I had huge stuttering in this game with my core 2 duo e8400 @4ghz. Replaced my ram, mobo and CPU with an i7 and the issues went away.

    If your playing on 64 player servers, you need a quad core.
  14. so the hard drive doesnt really matter since all the info is stored and read from there? im most likely putting a quad in but this hdd is old and is a ata not a sata i believe.
  15. you can go for an i5 2400 or 2500, good quad core will solve your problems.
  16. im looking at cpu's right now on newegg. should i look for a new hard drive also being that it is six years old.
  17. what about this cpu? its a x6 that i can afford. AMD Phenom II X6 1045T Thuban 2.7GHz Socket AM3. or should i get a higher ghz quad core?
  18. my wife bought me a rc helicopter for valentines day cause i broke the landing gear on the one i have. im returning it and buying a cpu the x6 i mentioned above is 149.00. should that be sufficient or should i go with something else?
  19. You could try and overclock your current CPU and see if it helps any, hey that's for free. If you see some improvement that would help identify the that the low performance is due to your current CPU.

    As I said before my son runs BF3 on a his Q6600 quad core (2.4 ghz) without issue. As long as you're running an AM3 X4 quad or above I think you should be fine. Multithreaded programs are really starting to come to the fore now (BF3 for example) so cores over slight increase in Ghz will last longer. Hell you seem keen to overclock anyway. Obviously it's not just the game that is using CPU threads your OS, anti virus etc all running in the background all want a piece of your CPU at times and it's this that goes on to cause stuttering.

    Scrapping your system to go Intel would mean big bucks. There is still life in your current machine without a big outlay. I don't believe upgrading your HDD would give you any boost to game performance just in load times. Much better to have more RAM IMHO.
  20. Sorry forgot to say:

    Personally I would go with the cheaper X4 and save my money for a bigger upgrade in the future.

    If you have the funds you should think about getting a 60-80 gb SSD for your OS. Once you've had one in your machine you don't EVER want to go back :wahoo: .
  21. Well i know you choose phenom II x6 just to keep the motherboard, so it is ok, but know that i5 2500 is way better than phenom II x6 and the extra 2 cores will give you no performance for gaming (maybe in the future, who knows).

    But since you don't want to waste much money, yes i think you can go with x6.

    about the HD, changing it will not increase performance, the only improvement you will see in gaming is loading times...
  22. Judging by the OPs system and the GPU upgrade I don't think he has spare funds to throw at an all singing all dancing gaming system. So the most cost effective upgrade is in order and that would narrow the choice to the X4 quad on his AM3 board.

    It also comes down to having a ballanced system. No real point in having an i5 / i7 for gaming if you're only running a 550ti. You are going to be GPU throttled way before you stress out those CPUs. Unless you're using the machine for other CPU intensive tasks I think the X4 would ballance the 550ti nicely for the time being.

    He just wants to play NOW. A man after my own heart :pt1cable: .
  23. An x4 on higher ghz performs better. I think u should see an increase in performance with a quad because I run a Phenom II x4 970 3.5 (no OC) with a 6850 and I'm always in the 40ish fps with everything on high no AA. and my gpu better than yours but not by much
  24. Best answer
    Buy this instead

    And this

    It will enable you to OC that little beast.
    The 960T is AMDs best bang for buck CPU at the moment.
  25. thanks for all the help. it is greatly appreciated. will be ordering the x4 tonight. to bad i wont have it by friday :( and for overclocking i have no idea what to do so i will be looking at that forum to try it out on this x2 in case i mess up and blow it up lol. take care and thanks again.
  26. When you've upgraded please let us know how it went and if you now have the performance you expect. Sometimes the feedback is more important than the original request. I know if I was in your shoes and I read this thread I'd want to know you were successful or not.

    There are lots of guides to overclocking the X4 on the net that explain it far better than I could. I only tend to overclock anything when the hardware MB/CPU/GPU is struggling and I can't afford to upgrade yet. Not much point in putting extra stress on your system for no real benefit.

    See you on the Battlefield 3. :)
  27. i went with the quad and fan uther suggested.(only played 1 map 48 ping) and i set graphics to medium for everything but AA 50+ fps as high as 77. no stuttering the game did have a hickup once but is so much smoother than it used to be. went 11 and 8 on a mid join rush map. so nice to be able to see things a little farther away. it was one of the karkand maps . it was a 54 player map. all i could find open all the 64 player maps had at least 4 or 5 in que. i am somewhat impatient with my gameplay lol. espeacially after i upgrade... if u play bf 3 my name is CHP_Wrench in game. thank you all for all the input it did help me greatly as i dont have much money to spend on my gaming habit :) oh and newegg ships very fast i ordered at 6:30 pst and was shipped next morning. apparantly newegg wharehouse is in city of industry which is only a few hours from my house if that. take care all
  28. That is really great news. Thanks for the feedback for everyone else who is / was in a similar situation. We all learn a little more in the process. You might want to try some high settings for BF3 as you still have some head room with fps.

    I find BF3 a little glitchy at times even with my i7 / 560ti but only on the high player maps. I tend to play mostly 32 player maps and don't have any issues. Might be a network thing. I like to get out of my own base before getting sniped as well ;) . I'll keep an eye out for you when I am playing.

    Enjoy your improved gaming rig but don't forget about your wife who, I guess, didn't mind you chopping her present for the upgrade. Real gem.
  29. ya she is awsome. she bought the new heli cause i broke a sled on the one i have a $3 fix. no need for a $130 heli :)
    I did have a wierd glitch with this new setup though. im running 2 monitors and in mid game one of the monitors the hdmi monitor went black and i also couldnt talk in vent. i restarted comp and same thing. i moved the monitor cables around on the gpu card and same thing. i couldnt find the second monitor with the nvidia control center, i finally started the comp with just the hdmi monitor and it found it. then added the second monitor and it started working. no idea what that mess is all about but i hope it was a one time deal.
  30. ok now i cant use both monitors at all. the hdmi cant be detected even if its the only one pluged in. any ideas or should i start a different thread in a different spot?
  31. its a dvi connection not hdmi.
  32. That's a tricky one. I am guessing but does your monitor have a VGA connector and you're using an adapter to go to dvi. My other son had a bad connection on his AMD 5770 card using an adapter. Wiggling it made the monitor get detected / recognised. Once he got a new monitor for his birthday which was native dvi the problem went away.

    I hope it's not the card playing up but I believe it's the connection.
  33. the monitor using the native dvi was the one not getting recognized. it worked on my laptop with the vga connector. its working now so im just running the single screen cause its a wide screen. the other monitor is a older one and is smaller with only the vga connector/ adapter. idk ill just run this way i guess and hope it stays working bf 3 looks so pretty now with all these settings turned up.
  34. I can't really say from that but it appears to be a bad connection. Are all the pins etc fine?

    I guess you're just happy to be gaming on your improved machine but you might want to take a look at Nvidia's guide to getting the best out of your card for BF3.

    It a pretty good read and should help you decide which of the mumbo jumbo you might want to turn on or off to help boost your fps and get good quality visuals. It also explains about some stuttering issues and their cause. That's if you can tear yourself away.
  35. Just a quick one this is what Nvidia expects from your card...
  36. ive already been running off these guides.. good stuff :)
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