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Das Keyboard Cherry MX Blues for FPS.


I called up Das Keyboard and they said they can give me 20% off as a student discount. I'm just wondering if the MX Blues will be good for FPS. I play competitive CS:S and SC2, so I play both rts and fps games. Will the blues be good for both?


PS, I know the most common answer will be "try them out, it's preference." I am not in a position to be able to try all of them, so I am asking for people who own these keyboards for their opinions. Thanks.
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  1. Well you can always see some reviews around internet like these ones:

    Here is the noise comparisons:

    by what i've readed mx blues is a great keyboard but is one of the loudest mechanical keyboard you have, so if you have no problems with the click noise, go for it, because the reviews about it are very good.

    here you read about all of the models, the blue is also there:
  2. das are amongst the best keyboards but there not what i would call gaming grade... more office supply. thats not to say they wont work but you can find gaming specific keyboards for a lot less money and get just as good response and feel...
    the cherry keys do offer different feel depending on which the keyboard uses but to be honest there isnt a great deal of difference. some give an assuring click while others feel smooth... it really is just down to preference and what you like...

    personally i prefer to go for key placement over key click. as not all keyboards line up there keys in the same way. if you can go to your local shop and try a few layouts then go back home and order 1 that suites your style of finger placement.
    as discomfort can be just as much a pain in the ass as a poor quality keyboard.
  3. Thanks for the replies.

    I am more concerned about the tactile feel. The blues have a click half way down that you can feel, versus the blacks that are linear all the way until you bottom out. From what i see a lot of sc2 players like the blues because of the clickiness and tactile feel, but lots of fps gamers like the linear feel. Just wondering what other people think about that.
  4. I should add that I welcome the clackiness and loud sounds. I enjoy typing on mechanical keys, I miss my old Model M ^^, it's been too long.
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    It's the tactile feedback that makes the Das Keyboard ideal for typist. They can improve their typing speed because the keys do not have to be pressed all the way down for the key to be registered.

    This can benefit competitive FPS players as well when you need to quickly change weapons, view your inventory, or even when moving around. For example, when pressing "W" to move forward, your character will start to move forward before you press the key all the way down.
  6. If you live in NYC, then go to J&R Computer World, they carry Das Keyboards. I've been contemplating buying the Silent version for a couple of months.
  7. Unfortunately I live the farthest away from NYC on the continental US haha. And for some reason no store here carries them for me to test out. I called Frys, best buy, and other smaller computer focused stores. They are nowhere to be found!

    Thanks for your input though, I can't decide between the blues and blacks. Blacks will be good for fps, and will perform well in sc2, but blues seem like they will feel much better. Just not sure how the click mechanism will affect small movements made in fps games such as quick peeking around corners and snap shooting.
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