gta multiplayer!!!!!!! heres where you download the software add on for gta - vice city or 3
next download this software
the second is for finding servers cs game server -
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  1. Anyone tried it?

  2. i played some today with vice city. it was pretty cool. had some lag problems but its still a work in progress. you can shoot eachother, run eachother over and fly helicopters and every thing. the only limitation is if you kill some one with the appache, only you will see the damage, no one else will, even if you kill some one with it only you see the damage and it screws every thing up. cs game server -
  3. Much thanks, I've been looking for this for a while, i was just finding crappy clones that didn't work.

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  4. very very buggy. Lots of lag. And it's very weird when you shoot somebody since it doesn't look like they die when you kill them.

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  5. yea, upon further testing, i dont think its even worth playing. cs game server -
  6. It's still fun and will be great. It's beta now though.

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  7. It's been beta for ages and buggy like hell from the very beginning, I've been following it since it's start. Still quite promising though. Makes me wonder though, Why would rockstar leave the multi player feature out if the coding was tried, umm becoz it didnt work well. Still a promising thing though

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  8. they could have made it multiplayer if they wanted to, god knows why they didnt. cs game server -
  9. They didnt put it in because it gives them an excuse to make GTA4: Another City this time with multiplayer!! and take our money all over again.

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  10. ive heard there will be another one, this time its in vegas. cs game server -
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