Cricket Broadband does not work on Windows 7

It appears that Cricket Broadband does not work on Windows 7. Has any one seen a work around?

Family matters require that I leave town for a few months. Not wanting to be saddled with a two year contract, I ran down to the local Cricket store and purchased a modem, only to find out later that it does not work with windows 7.

Assuming first it was a defective modem, I returned to the store the next day with my laptop and the modem. It was then I was told by someone not there the previous day that the modem does not (and will never work) with Windows 7. Cricket plans to release a new product some time in the future.

Asked for a refund, was told I won't get the activation fee refunded, I made it clear that I thought that was a bunch of BS since I hadn't actually used the modem. I was told to shut up or I'd be charged a restocking fee also.

I left the store with the modem, figured I rather pay small claims court fee of $35 than lose the $25 activation fee.
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  1. Update: Contacted Cricket Corporate. turns this is a independent store, so the rude behavior falls on the store :non: .

    Cricket was very polite and has directed the store to make me whole.

    To bad the modem doesn't work, I'll try again when they support Windows 7 :ange: .
  2. What kind of modem are we talking about here? If it uses ethernet, then there shouldn't be any reason for it not to work. If it's USB, then I suppose there is a chance they might not make drivers for it.
  3. But wait a minute, how can you mad at someone for not supporting an OS that is not officially released yet? It's not that far off, but it is not official yet. Sorry, but this seems like you are a little too fast to toss Cricket under the bus when this about 99% your own dumbass fault.
  4. Hard to believe you were willing to shell out $35.00 to get back $25.00 as well. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me... at least not financially. I'd still like to know what kind of modem this is, however. If it works via ethernet, then it will work regardless of the OS installed... and that would point to the people behind the counter not knowing what they're talking about. If it's a USB modem, then I understand there may not be drivers for it.
  5. Quote:
    Doesn't make a lot of sense to me... at least not financially
    He means instead of not being refunded the activation fee of $25 dollars. He could take a loss of $25 dollars, or file a $35 dollar small claims court and take a total loss of 10 dollars. He's saving $15. BTW im using XP but want to use the modem on a windows 7 OS. Cricket just lost another customer. That website is its a USB modem and its nice for on the go, but sucks for gamers. I have to bridge the network to play xbox 360 online. its not Ethernet. Right not im trying to find way to get the windows 7 connected. probably going to have to bridge that too. grr. except no male to female cat5. ill just slice a male to male and cross over the lines. grr. sucks,
  6. Take your cricket broadband to a corporate cricket store (not an authorized dealer) and they will upgrade your modem to work with windows 7 at no cost. I have a laptop with windows 7 and my cricket broadband works fine. Get the upgrade and then come back and post your experience.
  7. I just bought a Toshiba laptop and have a Cricket broadband. I have windows 7 and it works all right, but does not have enough kps to watch a movie or film clip. I plays and stops to reload and I really hate it. I went to Verizon and they wanted a $440 deposit that I don't have. Now what to do?
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