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I can't remember the name of a game I used to be obsessed with and I was hoping you could help.

The game was an RPG where at the beginning you chose from a selection of characters. The basic premise being you used a ship to travel around the world visiting different ports and either become a famous trader, pirate or ambassador for your country.

You could battle with ships on the sea using cannons or could have a duel with the opposing captain. You had to stock up on food and water at different ports or your crew would die of thirst or scurvy ect. You could also recruit crew in the bars or gamble in them and there were other shops you could go into to buy upgrades for your ship or amour. There were discoveries to be found as you traveled around such as exotic animals, plants and buildings. Sometimes you lost men while trying to make these discoveries.

I think the game was made in the 90's and the graphics were crude enough. In the port you would walk around with your character and when on see you would direct the ship. In battle you could run away or fight and would have to maneuver you ship close to an enemy to attack it or board it.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Sid Meir's: Pirates Gold. What you're looking for is the older version of it, because there's been several remakes of the game.

    Afaik, the original came out for sega genesis under the same name. Imo the original PC version had quite good graphics. :)
  2. Thanks a lot, once i'm finished my exams i'm going to pick up the new version. I've a feeling buying it before my exams would be a big mistake!
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