Enermax good?

i got one of them enermax 485 w dual fan, with rev 2.01 (i think), is it good? i heard both good thing and bad about it... and will one of the Antec TruePower 2.0 - 380W ATX12V v.2.0 Power Supply (Retail) be a better one (streching me budget though) i be running a 3200+ venice (OCed if i can) a 6800GT card (try to get to the ultra speeds and my mobo, the DFI lanparty UT NF4 ulrta-D, allows for extra power connectors that suppose to give more power to higher end cards) and 1 SATA and 1 IDE HDD, 1 floppy, 1 DVD/CD (SONY DRU-800A) burner and one cd drive (some old IBM OEM i pulled from my dad's system). Will this be a good choice for my setup?
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  1. ouch lol, well if that is ture then the RMA process should be good, maybe i can even get them to send me a 500W one if i convinced them enough, orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it could never happend and it is a very great power supply until when my upgrades outpower it
  2. Like the post I put when this all started in the coolers and heatsink area the post is I bet energmax wins. I have always used them and never been unsatified. I remember in other fourms people would bash me because I beleived that enermax made the best performance psu and meanwhile they are the ones having the problems with their own which was a different model

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  3. enermax is great, i have a 431 watt enermax that has been running with no problems for a few years now. maybe even 4, i dont remember. only one time i had an issue, it was a burned out pin. i just replaced it and its been fine.

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  4. O.o then why the hell are antec turepower 2.0 or 1.0 soooo expensive????!?!?!?? i mean a genertic 400w cost around 50 - 60 CAD and the enermax 420 W is 75... ( i know my local shops might be a little more on the expesive side) but common, why so? and why then antecs are soo forking expensive (and wusy ya gota tell me ur secreats....).
  5. I beleive its got to do with money dude, make the psu like good so it must be good. I think greed has lots to do with the question of why so expensive. I think AMD is starting to do the same I remember AMD was a option for a lower price cpu but that has change now. Stick with enermax I have an old 8088 computer and the power is enermax it still fires up but than again just how much power can a 8088 use. I played a dos game and the thing works great the object is to throw bananas untill you hit the other dude. Kind of stupid game compared to battlefield anyways Thanks tomhardware for the great info on psu this kind of work deservers our highest gratitude.

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  6. I have 2 Enermax PSUs in 2 of my computers. I never have any issue with it.
  7. That PSU will be fine.

    My rig is similar to what you're building:
    Winchester A64 3200+ (@2.5Ghz)
    Epox 9NDA3J
    1Gb Crucial Ballistix PC4000
    3 HDDS
    2 Optical drives
    3 casefans
    big-ass 120mm CPU fan.

    All powered by a 430W Enermax PSU. No problems with it so far. (although I think one of the fans is starting to make noises, but I've had it for.. 4 years? not too sure. Hold on, I made some posts about it...

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    Found some. I started having the problems that drove me to an enermax in around june 2002. So around 3 years of heavy usage before a fan starts to go... not too bad at all!..

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  8. ok my worries are out the door, if a 430 w can handle throse then 485 should be able to handle m syetem
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