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hi all, I'm new in the community...

I have a probleme with my pc, it seems that win xp can't shutdown! when I choose shut down from the closing screen it reboot instead of shutting down... I've never seen something like this, it's driving me crazy! I don't know what can It be...
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  1. I would start by uninstalling anything that isn't essential in running the computer out (sound card, NIC, etc). See if the problem exists without any of these. Then one by one reinstall them and their drivers. Make sure any devices that are onboard (sound, NIC) are disabled in the BIOS after you uninstall them in Windows. I had this problem on an old computer on win2000. It turned out to be a firewire card I had installed.
  2. Sounds like you're getting a BSOD, and it's set to automatically reboot when you do.

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  3. System Properties - Advanced - Start Up & Recovery - Uncheck Automatically Restart. See what happens when you shut down.
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