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I bought a retail version of Fallout 3 GOTY edition for Windows LIVE tonight and am having a problem I've never seen before. Upon installing both the game and the downloadable content, no desktop icons and no files for the game appear. I ran a search of my hard drive and it didn't return anything. The game does run though as long as the CD is in and you run it from the disc. Also, I was never asked to enter a CD key until the second time I loaded the game and even then, it didn't ask for one until I tried to login to Windows LIVE.

After booting it from the CD, I played for about half an hour and there were several autosaves throughout the short time I played. The game suddenly froze and so I closed via the task manager and when I rebooted, zero saved games. I was hoping to install the game and it go directly to my Steam account but that is clearly not the case. I have no idea what to do about this or how to fix it so any help anyone can offer with this would be much appreciated.

My mobo, CPU and GPU:

MSI p67-gd65

Intel i 2500k

MSI gtx 560ti twin frozr II

If any other specs are needed I can post them as well.
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  1. Completely uninstall the game. Then re-install it, only the game first, and with no downloadable content.
  2. I did the uninstall/reinstall but there's still no files for it. When I login to my Windows LIVE account my previous saved game is available but I still can't run the game without the disk. During install I was never asked if I wanted to set up a desktop icon or anything. I did the "easy" install not a custom btw.
  3. Do the custom install then. Post back if it worked or not.
  4. Okay, I did the custom install and I found the files but had to manually make a desktop icon. At least I have one though. I'm gonna boot it up now and see if it will save anything.
  5. Report back with the results.
  6. Well I had to find a fix to keep it from freezing and having to close out of it every five minutes or so but all seems to be working just fine now. It's running without the disc and all saved files are accessible. Thanks for the help.
  7. You are welcome. :)
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