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I'm a big fan of EA FIFA series....played alot FIFA 09,10,11(Xbox360 version) on my friends house cuz dont have the console, recently received FIFA 12 PC-Edition (got a powerfull PC for gaming) and looks 95% like the xbox version, so i just buyed a xbox360 controller black wired ones, soon as i opened and tested on my pc something feels wrong with the RB(clicking sound) and the Guide button has a little different light behind it...thinking its fake, i must return quickly to the seller?? and adding some bucks for a Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows?? dont like much that battery time life and the input lag from the wireless version i feelit badly on LAN tournaments.

some pics below:
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  1. A, B, X and Y are all in bold and the guide "X" symbol isn't centered, I'v never seen anything like that. I know you can get controllers made by different manufacturers but if that one claims to be Microsoft, i would ring them up and describe the controller to them.

    It may just be a new version or something like that.
  2. send it back, if they complain, then complainto ebay about it being a potentially fake product, they will refund even if the seller doesn't. And yes talk to MS, I suspect that they know but are powerless to stop it.
  3. The center green X button doesn't look right, the real one actually looks like its machined (has CNC circles/swirls) from metal with a plastic embedded X, plus the matt texturing on the controller doesn't look right and the bit around the BACK, X, START button usually has no texture at all and is totally smooth, the Microsoft hologram doesn't look right it should have XBOX and some other really tiny wrighting on it in a criss-cross mosaic pattern. with all that said it could just be a different revision, but I wouldn't think they'd change the master die patterns for the controller body (expensive process), or the security patterns on the hologram.
  4. thanks for the info, i just find those avaible now:




    icant get wired ones, so wich ones looks real
  5. my guess is either this is a fake made in china or a controller from a borked batch that didn't pass inspection at the factory (for obvious reasons as you can see above)
  6. If i wasn't mistaken about a year ago on the Canadian national news were there were talking about a very big shipment of X-box controllers and other product that came from china that didnt work at all...Maybe you ended up with one...Some were found to have nothing inside then....Thats worse then knock off...
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