still dont have a suitable needed

ok i now almost nothing about case,i read a lot of reviews of cases many seem cool but i still dont have one that are suitable for me and look good(or at least not bad)
here what i want
at least 4 5.23 bays
at least 3 internal 3.5 bays
a clear side would be cooll but not a mus
front usb,and audio firewire is not really requiered...
a door on the side i mean that a system that permit to open the side like a door (dont now how to said this better in english)
black is prefere (or silver if not)
an ease installation cas will rail the drive, at least 2 fan
So if any of u guy get any advices it would be welcome...
also need advices for the psu
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  1. I have not tried this case it is a new setup but I think it is going to be the new cases for the future take a good look at the different way the board is seated.
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  2. Why don't you try CoolerMaster cases ( I own the WaveMaster, and it's gorgeous. It does fulfill your requirements and has removable motherboard tray, which I now refuse to live without.
  3. If you have a fairly decent budget take a look at Lian-Li cases. The new PC-V series is VERY nice.

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  4. I know that it isn't black but it is cool.
    ASUS VENTO 3600
    It comes in green, red and blue. Gooooogle it.

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  5. *shudders*

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  6. thank everybody for u sugestion...
    here wht i am know looking for not too expnsive and seem to be a good quality
    -- coolmaster centurion 5
    -- Kingwin Silver Mutant X Gaming
    have someone got one of those case,i dont really know wich one to choose, the kingwin have a 420 W PSU but i dont know about the quality of the PSU
    so what do u guy think about all that ....
  7. try this:
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  8. I think you are fairly proud of your cooling solution aren't you :smile:

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