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Wanna know if my laptop is capable of playing SWTOR

Ya I' am wondering if my laptop can play SWTOR

Sony Vaio f series windows 7
i3 2.26 Ghz
4.00 GB of Ram
Nvidia geforce 310m Gpu w/ 512 mb dedicated video ram

am i wasting my time should i just invest in a desktop. :pt1cable:
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    it will run it, but probably on low graphics only, as the GPU in that laptop is very weak.

    if you wish to play video games and being portable is not a requirement for your PC, I'd recommend to invest in a desktop. It's a better investment long term than a laptop
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    Playing games on laptops for long hours are not good. Heat is the killer in the laptop and depending on the GPU will have a short life span also holds true to CPU's.

    The desk top is better for your gaming needs. You can up grade with ease. The laptop is limited to up grades if at all on some. Use your laptop to play the little arcade games when you are board.

    That is what I do with my Laptop I play games like cupids, Zuma, Pirate poppers, etc. when travling and I get board even at family fuctions. I do wish you good luck
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