Building Gaming Computer non 3d

Hello building this new coputer for a little over 2 grand let me know if it will be good for gaming please! Thanks


MSI X79A-GD65 Motherboard S2011

Intel I7-3930X 6 Core S2011

Corsair H70C Liquid Cooler

Seagate 1TB HD

Win 7 64bit

Geforce GTX 560 1GB

16GB DDR3 Ram PC-1333

550W 110-220V PS

DVD Burner
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  1. Too much CPU, not enough graphics.

    You can tone down the CPU to something like a i7-2600K or a i5-2500K. Boost the graphics to something like a GTX570/580 or a 7970, add a 128GB SSD with the money saved and have an awesome gaming rig.
  2. I wanted to add a second graphics card and upgrade from 550W to 700W. Not sure if the Motherboard will be able to handleit.
  3. If you plan to SLI get a PSU of 700+ watts now and save on upgrading it later. 16 GB of ram isn't really needed for gaming, 8G is more then you need, but is see you are just trien to fill the 4 channels. If you do want to get crazy ram, it is up to you if you want to go for more ram or faster ram, as their are some crazy fast 2g x4 kits out there.

    Personally I would get the K version of that CPU and use the 500$ you save to upgrade your GPOU get a GTX 580 or better and you wouldn't even need to SLI for a long while. If you get the i7-2600K or i5-2500K, you would save even more.

    Unless your using this for something specific other then gaming the CPU and RAM is way overboard.
  4. The motherboard will take it no problem. You will, however, need a more powerful power supply. You should be looking for a 800-850W supply for GTX560 SLi.

    I'm running 3930K with GTX580 SLi on a Cooler Master 850W supply. It measures 600W running at the socket. I feel that I should have a heavier supply in my system.
  5. Nvidia is lining up to release their new GPU series. If you're willing to wait another month (or two), you'd get the power of the GTX580 for half the price.

    People will always tell you to get the GTX?80 card - that's because they're not paying for it. The performance per dollar on the ?80 is usually not worth it. It's there for those that compete for the best rigs but is usually not worth it.

    I'd look at what you're willing to spend on a GPU and go with these recommendations for now (again, unless you're willing to wait another 1-2 months).

    Useful link:,3107.html
    that is the Gaming CPU Hierarchy Chart

    See that there are a bunch of cpu in the same tier as the one u posted. that means they have similar performance. You would be paying for more than two 2500k without gaining a significant boost when it comes to gaming.

    I say get an LGA 1155 mobo and a 2500k and maybe a 7950. At least that's what I would do with that kind of money.

    Oh and +1 to pauls3743, an SSD will come handy,3107-7.html
    that's the Graphics Card Hierarchy Chart, just in case.
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