How's this for a computer?

Wondering what kind of case you want? cant afford one? think a "traditional" computer looks too bland? try this...

Here's what you see:
Gigabyte GA-K8NE
Enermax noisetaker 370w
Semperon 2800
floppy drive
Hitachi 60g
Gigabyte DVD-RW
2 coolermaster UV light and UV cable
Liquid neon light (pic #2)

Sorry for the poor quality pic I dont have a real digital cam (this is taken from a cell phone...)

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  1. Your dont have a Cat or any pets do you?
    My cats would sure liek to put their paw in that spinning shinny stuff lol

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  2. I can just hear this hissing and howling...

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  3. no I dont have a cat, though I wish I had one... I think another guy used FOAM as a case! but wouldnt try this on a modern system, he had an ancient pIII. But might work if everything (chipset and all) are watercooled.
  4. I had a friend who got a caseless IBM PS/1 (the desktop one) and he screwed it onto a hunk of plywood, and stuck it inside an old school desk - the kind that the top lifts up to show a storage space. Every couple days he'd have to open up the desk and reseat the video card because the weight of it on the MCA riser card would unseat it...

    Cracked me up every time I went over to his house - but it worked...


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