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Arkham city restarting pc

does anyone else have this problem? i know its poorly optimized, but i think i should be able to play for more than half hour before a random crash. i tried monitoring temps but its hard to do so when your temp monitor resets with pc.
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  1. What you need to do is monitor your temps 'while' gaming. Try using MSI's Afterburner to display the temp's onscreen while gaming. That ways you'll know what the temps are and won't need to wait to get out of the game, etc. I've run the game for hours at a go without any problems. Sounds like a heat issue.
  2. It is restarting the computer? or just crashing the video driver?
  3. it restarts my whole computer just as if i hit reset. ive been using cpuid to monitor, just game for 20 mins and exit and look at max temps. both gpus and my cpu have never risen above 45c that i have seen. its not just arkham now though, it hapened in crysis also last night. tonight im going to make sure my drivers are updated, sure they all are though and maybe plug my surround sound into another outlet. maybe its pulling too much power and causes the reset. any other tips would also be great.
  4. Sounds like a driver issue, what i would do is uninstall driver, run driver sweeper from reinstall latest driver but just the video driver not any of the control panels nvidia or catalyst for ati depending on what you have, then see what happens.

    the pc is most likely BSOD but its set to auto reboot instead of showing the bsod.
    if you type event in the start menu search and open event log you can check if it was a bsod.
  5. if the computah is restarting you're most likely blue screening. Go into event viewer and check the logs, you should be able to find some info on what caused the crash.
  6. ok i checked nvidia and i guess they do have new drivers out. what i have been doing so far everytime i update is do their express install where it takes my outdated driver and upgrades it. is that fine to do it that way?
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    yes, no problem using express installation.

    try using 290.53 latest beta stable drivers.
  8. ya i have the beta one now, thanks guys.
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