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Skyrim (Huge Fps Drop) on Powerfull Pc

Inspite of i have a good pc i can't play skyrim with ultra settings. İ can play any other pc games with highest settings without any problems but in Skyrim i'm getting constant 60 fps usually but in many areas when i turn the mouse fps drops suddenly to 25 ~40 and its very annoying and makes the game unplayable.(Looks like huge number of objects or textures loading slows down the fps)

Have latest drivers and crossfire profiles.

I have similay problem with Gta 4 but i know that it's a bad codded game.

Computer Specs:

i7-2600k @4.6Ghz
2x Asus Hd 6970 Direct Cu II
8Gb kingston Hyperx 1600 Mhz
60 Gb Ssd Caching the WD Caviar black 2 Tb 7200 Rpm 64 Mb Cache Sata 6gb/s
Asus p8z68-V pro

2 x hd6970 can't handle the skyrim @ultra settings ? I know people can play @ultra settings @ constant 40~50 fps with a way less powerfull pc's.
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  1. what about 1 6970?
  2. 13thmonkey said:
    what about 1 6970?

    was going to say the same thing.
  3. Like the above posters suggest, try running it on one 6970. Many times, the issue is attributed to crossfire/ SLI setups. Anyways, you really 'shouldn't' need more than 1 6970 to run it on ultra. Give it a shot though.
  4. With one 6970 loosing ~20 fps . Playing avarage of 40 fps
  5. some very specific areas of the game are really heavy for rendering, if you wan't to fix that, drop the shadows down on level from ultra. this will maintain 50fps even on those areas. you can also set the AntiAliasing to 2x will improve performance too if the above don't help you.

    the peoples who say that can play on ultra (with less graphics) with constant 40-50 fps didn't get to those areas yet, or have shadows set to high too.
  6. traxformania said:
    With one 6970 loosing ~20 fps . Playing avarage of 40 fps

    but more constant or not?
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    first of all, what version of skyrim are you running?

    second, skyrim doesn't play well with CF at least for now

    3rd, skyrim's game engine implementation of AA is very inefficient. I'd say disable AA in game and try to force it through CCC.
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  9. 13thmonkey said:
    but more constant or not?

    not more constant , same problem. When i turn the mouse for looking around fps drops to ~20 .
  10. I set AA to 2 samples , other settings @ maximum . Now , playing at constant 60 Fps everywhere. So the source of the problem is anti aliasing. (Skyrim with latest patch)

    Thank you for all answers
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