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I've heard that more than one copy of XP can be installed on the same 'puter. I'd like to do just that to keep the kids stuff very separate from mine. I've got 2 80gb HD's to play with,set into 5 partitions, so space is not a problem. Currently multi-booting 98se and XP. Would like to keep a working copy of 98 cuz I don't want to buy more CD burning software, and the sware I have isn't compatible with XP. I could get a whole new burner, junk my 98, and run strictly XP, but still want 2 seperate copies, one for them and one for me. There are soooo many boot managers to choose from, some free, some not. Suggestions? Solutions? Thanks, Kevin

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  1. set it up just like you did When you you setup up the 98 and xp. Boot from the cd and just tell the setup program to install windows on a different partition/drive.
    I have xp and xp-64 running on mine. no real difference from what you want to do.
  2. I still want to use my 98 cuz my burning sware won't work with SP2.I tried that. I did install the second copy on another partition of the 1st drive.The problem is that I'm getting cross file problems across the two installs of XP. The reading I've done says that I can do this as long as I install on different primary partitions. It also says that I can use different partitions on the same HD. How do I make more than one partition of the same drive primary? 98's Fdisk wont let me do it. It says I've already got a primary, which I do. The diskpart utitility in XP recovery console wont give me an option as to which partition I want to make primary. It just makes the partitions for me. I could install the second copy of XP on the 1st partition of the 2nd HD, making that partition primary for that drive, but I wanted to keep all of the OS'es on the same drive and split the 2nd drive for all my tunes and backups. Ideas?? Suggestions??

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  3. What burning software?

    Both Nero and Roxio work with SP2.

    As for keeping stuff separate... that's what user accounts and passwords are for. Not saying you can't do it the way you're suggesting (Just create two partitions on the drive... they don't have to be two 'primary' partitions... if you install XP on C: and D: it will give you the choice to boot to either one), it's just that you're creating more potential headaches for yourself.

    If user accounts and passwords aren't sufficient... then I believe you can use the group policy editor to limit access to anything on any account.

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  4. My old ECDC 4.05 by Roxio. ECDC 5.0 works with SP1 but not 2. Granted ECDC 4.05 is not a butt kickin burnin program by any stretch, but it works for me, and I like the options provided by Direct CD. The XP equivalent of Direct CD, also licensed from Roxio, wont let you reopen a closed CD. XP just burns what you want to burn, whether files, music or whatever, then closes the CD for good. If you want to add to that CD, I haven't found a way to re-open it and add to it. I have to get another CD and use it. I like the option of adding stuff to an existing CD much better. Anyway, I opted to make 1st partition on 2nd HD primary, and install 2nd copy of XP there. It went without a hitch. No crossfile problems, when I add or delete something from one copy, the other copy remains untouched. No problems activating XP either. Apparently, I haven't reached my max # of activations the $soft allows. So I have exactly what I wanted, a clean copy for me, and a copy for the kids to bugger up. I hate AIM, loads of worms, viruses, and problems, (and I do run Norton AV sware) and my 14 yr old lives by it, so now everyone can do what they want without messing up my stuff. Thanks for the help.

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  5. I prefer Panda over Norton... it's cheaper and for me, it works better. Updates itself daily and the Internet Security suite is actually pretty good at preventing spyware from being installed. It's also less of a resource hog.

    You should upgrade your burning software... Roxio no longer supports version 4... so getting updates can be like pulling teeth. If you ever get a newer burner (DVD burners come to mind), you'll have to upgrade anyway. (Mind you burners come with new software I suppose... so that really isn't an issue). To me, it would be a huge PITA to boot up 98 for the sole purpose of burning a CD.

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  6. You can get Roxio Easy Media (CD&DVD) Creator 7.0 Basic for under $10...

    ....WW (5.1)
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