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I was playing Rift for about 3 weeks now. It worked quite well. The FPS was around 30 at resolution of 16xx x 10xx (can't remember exactly) but it wasn't THAT bad at higher resolution neither.

I've moved to a new place where gives me best ping of 84ms and the line is about 3.5Mbit downstream.

The game ping is around 100 - 170ms and FPS dropped to 3 - 11fps when standing alone in front of Meridian without anyone moving around. Also, Even the camera is lagging, when I switch back to windows 7 desktop, the gadget drops from both CPU cores 100% to 20-30% so I can work with PC normally.

During PC movement, I hit it a bit, it dropped on monitor but it did not fall entirelly on the ground with full weight. There is no addition noise from coolers or hardware. I checked all fans and they seem to be working ok.

What should I run to help me determine what is happening to the PC during Rift play? Got this spec:
pentium dual core E6300 @ 2.80Ghz
Asus P5N-E-SLI
Nvidia GeForce GTS 250 1GB DDR3
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  1. well your CPU is obviously maxing out. how about GPU?

    how are your temperatures overall during the game?

    and I'm a bit confused about the resolution you mention, are you playing on 1600x1050 or some higher resolution? have you tried turning the resolution down below 1600x1050 to see if you'd get better fps?

    I'm not sure about you dropping the comp a bit, if the comp works fine in everything else besides rift I don't think any significant damage has occurred.
  2. Check temps, my thought is that the HSF got dislodged during the drop, especially if it is fitted with the push pins.
  3. AntiZig: GPU .. I am not sure. Please recommend utility to check on that.
    Resolution: Yes I tried the lower resolution, same issue. Yes I meant 1600x1050 and I triedk 1440xsomething and the same behavior.

    13thmonkey what is HSF? Please recommend how to check temps on all of them - Cpu-Z?
  4. hwmonitor or hwinfo do a good job

    for advanced tools get something like msi afterburner

    HSF = heat sink fan, but if you say your temps are fine then I guess it's in place :o
  5. yeah the hsf will either be tight or loose, you'd see it on idle.
  6. Please look at this, I have really faint idea of what it should be at normal circumstances.

    HW Monitor while idle:
  7. Update: Running Rift, CPU temps went to almost 100C and Nvidia temperature to 64C
  8. loose Heat sink.

    you'll need to open the case remove the heatsink and reapply thermal paste and the refit the heatsink.
  9. oh and by the way, stop using your pc until heatsink is re attached as 75C is probably as hot as you want a cpu to go.
  10. 13thmonkey said:
    loose Heat sink.

    you'll need to open the case remove the heatsink and reapply thermal paste and the refit the heatsink.

    +1, your cpu is overheating :(
  11. Thank you guys, I have flipped the case over so the fan is pulled down by gravitation force - god save earth and its forces and the temp dropped, also I noticed the loose end.. argh, I hate fitting these fans, I better hire someone do it :) Thank you zillion times!
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