Inverted Z & Rz axes in Gamepad + No Vibration

Hello All :hello:

Recently i bought a chinese make gamepad from ENTER MULTIMEDIA.

Everything works fine except that the RIGHT ANALOG STICK has inverted Z-axis & Rz-axis i.e. when i push the stick all way up/down my player starts rotating & when i push it left/right my player looks up/down. Also installed the drivers from the cd but no vibration observed.

This happens in every game.

Things i tried:

1. Tried calibration in control panel but still same result
2. Tried REGEDIT & changed the gamepad name to Logitech DualAction USB. Also swapped the binary values of Z & Rz AXIS in regedit but still no luck.
3. Tried installing other drivers but i dont even get a VIBRATION TEST option in Control Panel.

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.
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  1. Vibration problem solved using the driver from the following link
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