game freezin is my power supply powerfull enough?

bought a new pc 6 months ago:
AMD athlon64, msi neo platinum mobo, xfxgeforce6800 ultra, kingston hyperX 2x512 ddr, 200gig ide hd and a icute case with box standard psu(450watt).

ive been have freezin problems for sometime now when i play high spec games like HL2 etc... tested for heat and different drivers for GPU but still no luck. im guessingeither PSU is to weak or defected GPU... but i really dont know. please help as this has been puzzling me for some time now!!!
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  1. I have the same problem, I have a Gainward 6800Ultra and it freezes in games when I turn the standard overclock on. So I tested the tempeture of my PSU. It was reaching about 50degrees when gaming (room is 26degrees), so I'm buying a new PSU for sure.

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  2. I recommend the SLI approved PSUs, as those are supposed to avoid any power bottlenecks due to the videocard. The problem is some PSU's are rated at different temps. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the temperature, the lower the wattage output. 50 degrees is typical of server level PSUs, which are designed for high temperatures. The Seasonic 600 Watt PSU received high praise from THG. Perhaps said PSU might be right for you.
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