Hi any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

I have a rather crappy laptop, I am looking to buy a slim line gaming system, which I can also use as a PC, install windows, but I want the best of both worlds and want to be able to play games through windows and xbox games, does any one know, if this is possible, if so, will the xbox be able to play the latest games, dx11, ?? I am chosing the Xbox 360, cos I am a heavy user of skype.

Many thanks, Mark,
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  1. First off, don't give your personal details/ emails, etc as it can result in spamming.

    Secondly; you cannot install windows on an xbox/ PS3 or any other gaming console, period. The platforms are completely different from each other and a gaming console will not support windows! You'll just have to get yourself a decent gaming desktop. Laptops are just not it for gaming, unless you're spulrging colossal amounts on one, which would be rather dumb imho!
  2. sorry, i am new to this site, i have now learnt that it is impossible, so many thanks, just a wild idea, cos i do a lot of travelling, so guess I will be going for a mini\micro system, n hope i get away with it in my handluggage, lol, thanks
  3. forgot to ask is possible to delete this thread, to avoid spamming, ???
  4. No worries! We're all here to learn. :) All the best to you!
  5. spudderick said:
    forgot to ask is possible to delete this thread, to avoid spamming, ???

    No need to delete the thread. A message to a moderator requesting to delete the inappropriate content (in this case your email address) will suffice and a moderator will delete the email address. You can do so by clicking on the "report" button just over your original post.

    If you wish to close a thread created by you, all you need to do is select an answer posted by a member as the 'best answer'. A moderator will then mark the thread as 'solved' and close it.
  6. many thanks doing that now, thank you
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    No worries!
  8. I heard about someone who used a usb hd-dvd drive and managed to install windows 7
  9. I think I have read the same, that is what got me thinking, anyone, ???
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