SeaSonic vs Enermax

Im looking for a great power supply, and came up with two that I've read one here thats was good (stress test results seasonic 600w)

I was going to purchase one of the two and need an opinion on which one to choose between just these two.

I'll be running a amd +3200 (3) rom drives a 6800 ultra which takes two molex, and (3) led fans...I'll be adding on more odds and ends later such as unnessaary HD coolers, and fan controller.

Let me now what you guys think. I have an Ultra piece of [-peep-] modular PS which is giving me the "Insufficiant power" error for my Geforce.(500w)
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  1. Flip a coin :0 I like both just the same. If I had to pick, I'd chooes Enermax. I hope others chime in.
  2. Ok something I missed I realized this is specially made for PCI express Video cards, and I have an AGP is this power supply still compatible with my (AGP) BFG Geforce 6800 Ultra 256MB OC? This card requires it says a 480W power supply which I know what I have is sufficiant already, but I'm running into problems Like I've posted above. Thanks for the opinions guys I apprciate it greatly.
  3. Ok thanks didn't want to mess up and buy the wrong thing like I usually do most of the time without asking questions, or researching it first...LOL Thanks Wusy.
  4. seasonic for sure, high efficient(>80%), rock solid rails, how can you go wrong

    <font color=red>gforce mx100/200 @ 230/440 =]</font color=red>
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