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Hi I just played Tom Clancy HAWX nd I liked it :D I want 2 play similar games like this one any suggetions.
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  1. Sadly there is a shortage of similar games on the PC. Aerial combat games these days, Cliffs of Dover was a good title. Not sure if Janes games are still released, but I doubt it.

    On console there is the Ace Combat series which is very fun if somewhat arcade-styled, but no PC release for this title unfortunately despite how much fun Assault Horizon looked like it would be.
  2. hawx 2 is the only other game i can compare to hawx as its pretty much the same thing.
    everything else is either based earlier ie ww2 or technically a sim.
    10 warthog and il2 lock on are propper in depth sims that have a high learning curve so may not be what your looking for... but are modern day action sims...

    wings of prey is a great little sim which errs more on arcade action than sim technicals but looks good and flys great.
    janes flight sim is ok but a little limited in the quality dept. but considering it only takes 2 gig on disk it is a nice little fighter sim. also there has been a recent release. i dunno if its a redux but it looks and plays like a new gen game.

    cliffs of dover should be given a miss as it needs a monster pc and even then will have framerate issues... when it came out i dived at it and got 5-15 fps on low settings as the programming really does let down what should have been the best game of its type to date... they have released patches but its still pretty poor even on my system. which although isnt the strongest still maxes out bf3 and crysis 2 so you can see why im disappointed in cliffs of dovers performance.

    i got hawx 2 for xmas off my mum (yep im 40 and she still buys me games lol) the problem i have atm is even with a game like hawx2 there is no1 actually playing online... i think the most i have seen on any gived day is 20 people which is enough as there is only a maximum of 8-16 players i think on most game types(not sure as i havent played em all). the reason for this is ubis drm more than the quality of the game. the single player leaves a lot to be desired but is playable and does look good... but you have to be logged in to ubi servers and they seem to be off more than there on atm...

    anyways heres the list of games i still play regularly...
    hawx (no servers available so no multiplayer)
    hawx 2 (limited player base)
    wings of prey (limited player base again) but a 8/10 gamer.
    apache air assault. small neet and very playable single player.
    il2 lock on 7/10 hard to get into but easy on the eye...
    a10 warthog... again hard to get into but plays well...
    for absolute top tier sim with just flight mechanics and no warfare that i can find. x-plane 10 has just come out and looks stunning on dx11 systems... but you will need a strong 1...

    if you fancy a space sim than you can do worse than looking up freelancer... it looks a bit dated now but there are mods out that increase the visuals so its still worth a look just because its that good a game...
    x3 is also another space sim but its a lot more involved.
    lastly dark horizon its worth a look even if it is a little liniar and limited..
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