PC restart while playing SWTOR

I have a dual core Pent 3.0 ghz, 6 gigs ram 750 hard drive, a gforce 9400 GT vid card.
Recently my computer restarts while I am playing SWTOR. I play about 1/2 hr to 45 mins and computer restarts.
What would cuase the problem?
Help please.
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  1. likely cause is heat on the gfx card. it doesn't really meet minimum requirements by some way so may be straining under the weight. other issues could be psu, ram stability...
    without testing its hard to tell...
    get coretemp/realtemp/hwmonitor and gpu-z. run them all and compare the temps.
    if all is well then run some other stress tests like prime 95 and memtest.

    if your running an oc then turn it down. if you havent cleaned your internals then do so. dust is a problem for gaming pc;s so make sure your cpu and gpu specifically are dust free... then fans and anything else that needs a wipe...
  2. how do I check the temps of the coretemp/realtemp/hwmonitor and gpu-z. run them all and compare the temps
  3. yep... get 1 or all of the cpu temp monitors but defiantly get gpu-z.
    i prefer to use more than 1 just to make sure the temps im seeing are accurate as some apps dont work as well on different hardware...
    you may want to add speedfan to that list also. just till you find 1 thats reliable at all clock speeds and multiplier settings.
    just run em when you have the game going. dont worry about the cpu reaching 100 percent or the game stuttering. this is about getting temps not smooth gameplay for now...
  4. I've know a couple people are having issues with their game crashing, this is the first I've really heard of entire computer shutting down. Like HEX said ur GPU is a bit behind the power curve.

    CPU Temp will, as the name implies, tells you temps on each of the cores on your processer. I usually max out at around 60C without any issues.

    Speed fan, I believe will tell you the core temps on your GPU and allow you to adjust your GPU fan speed.
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