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Batman: Arkham City Installation Question

Hey guys,

So, I got this game free with my Samsung 830 128Gb SSD.

Downloaded it.. wanted to install it to my SSD instead of my disk.

I tried to install this game somewhere obvious so I'd remember to move it when I was done.. say..

C:\Batman - Arkham City

Everytime I tried to install it there, it told me it was unable to install to that directory.. what's with that?

After changing permissions, owners, using a temp folder on a drive other than on C:\ I gave up and just let it install into the default file it wanted to in Program Files (x86) and it installed there (almost without a hitch).

So yeah, it's installed, just wondering if anyone knew what the deal was.. first time I've had any trouble installing anything to this drive.
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    it could be the game wont run of the root directory often they only do this to stop users filling up the root dir and slowing down the overall performance of the pc. the pc root dir should have as few directories as possible to enable the file system to work as efficiently as possible... theres no real reason what the game shouldn't install there, its more likley the programmers built the limitation into the installer...

    btw if you want to install anything on the main o.s partition the installer just needs admin privs... no need to swap ownership as this will give you more problems down the line.
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