What's about Asus TA-250

Hi I'm thinking to buy this chassis for a AMD64 3000 with a PCIExpress 6600GT, 1x1024 Kingstom DDR, 1 SATA Seagate 250, and 2 optical driver, DVD and DVD+-RW.

This chasssis has a "only" 360W power supply, and 1 80x80 rear fan and second optional 80x80 rear fan. Not sure if is posible a fan for HardDisk.

Will 360W be enought?. It cost "only" 69€. Seaching for others chassis I see Aopen Impressium for 150€ and 400W, but it's 2x more expensive and only 40W more.

Not sure if I will buy 250 (black) or 252 (white).


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