Cherry G84-4100PTAUS, what kind of switches does this keyboard use?

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  1. I recommend this one:

    It`s one of the best in the price range I have seen (if not the best).

    Anyways according to the Newegg page the Cherry Keyboard has Mechanical keyswitches.
  2. Thanks for the reply, i know it's a mechanical which is what i want, but i need to know which color, depending on the color = what it's used for
  3. there is no specifics on what key type it uses ie what cherry model switches... but going by the rest of the data i would guess cherry red or cherry black...
    but as i say even there data sheet doesnt say... just 50million clicks.

    btw if your thinking about getting this for gaming then dont bother. its expensive and is missing some keys that can be often used in games... theres nothing worse than trying to hit a complex combo of keys in the heat of battle...
  4. what's it missing?
  5. number key panel for a start and some other keys have been made combo functions by the looks of it the 9 keys that normaly sit between the number panel and above the cursor keys... like prtscrn, scroll lock and pause/break...
    ins,home,pg up, del,end, pgdown now they may seem like innocuous keys but games like dcs blackshark, arma 2 and others use em...
    they will be available by key combo but its the number keys that present the bigger problem. they dont give the same return as the number keys above the qwerty keys so often are used for separate functions... dont get me wrong its a great little keyboard but its just not siuted to gaming... its for office work and may be limited in the amount of keys that can be pressed at 1s... (i dont know this for sure but it is true for some keyboards)... if you want a quality keyboard for gaming look at the steel series, the new corsair series, logitech and even roccat do decent 1s... stay away from razor though as there black widow keyboards are just painted keys that wear off after a short while. some of there other keyboards have this issue as well but there not as widely bought.
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