How's this power supply?

Looking for a replacement on my current, which is dying... any thoughts and/or insight to the following power supply:

<A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

My computer specs are as follows:

AMD XP 1800+
GeForce 4200ti 128MB
80GB western digital hard drive

I'm pretty sure it'll run fine, but wanted to see what you gurus had to say... that's cheap for a 500W - should I be worried at the low cost for the power house?

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  1. Cheap brand psus allways have a possibility of poping and burning the rest of your parts, so therefor it's better to pay for a quality psu rather than paying for your hardware again.
    If you look at page 2 on the reviews you can see that the psu died after 2 days.
  2. If it does pop and kill your rig, then it's a great excuse for a new build! :wink:

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  3. For $10 more you can get <A HREF="" target="_new">This Power Supply</A> which will put out more power, more reliably.

    And before you say "But it's only 400W", well, that generic is probably only 300W before it gets flakey, and will probably blow up within a year of buying it.

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  4. What Crashman said for PSU.
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