Half-Life 2

Anyone knows when Half Life 2 will be released?

Gary Hendricks
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  1. <A HREF="http://www.ebgames.com/ebx/product/235059.asp" target="_new">http://www.ebgames.com/ebx/product/235059.asp</A>

    EB is saying November. Valve is saying September. Your guess is as good as mine.
  2. The latest news is that either Valve or the publisher has pushed the release date to "in time for the holidays", whatever that means.
  3. I think it's late september after the release of athlon64
  4. are you getting more excited in half-life 2 rather than in doom3? what i erally like in these games is the graphical advancements, i won't even consider gameplay.
  5. I'm not going to give you a hard time, but I strongly disagree. Look at Unreal 2. All it gave us was pretty graphics and a 2 hour diversion. Possibly one of the most forgettable games I've played.

    I would *much* rather play a great game with average graphics, than a bad game with top of the line graphics.
  6. I agree. Both Unreal 2 and UT2k3 were lame in my opinion. I didn't play Unreal 2 for more than a couple hours before it just bored me to death. UT2K3 I passed in a day and that was boring as hell too.

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  7. I have the unfortunate habit of annoying myself to death if I dont beat a game that I buy, so I had to play through Unreal 2. Did it over the course of 2 days.

    UT2k3, I'll admit it isnt as great as the original, but I still love it. I think the bot matches are a hoot. It can be just as fun (or moreso) as playing online, and you dont have to deal with any punk 15 year old kids with 'm4d sk1llz'. =)
  8. I did have unreal2003, i enjoy it's graphics but gameplay is extremely bad. The only game i know that i played from beginning to end is doom and half-life.
  9. And that very annoying announcer in UNreal2003 is making me sick.
  10. Same. I wonder why you can't change it or turn it off.

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  11. You can change the comentators voice to a female one by downloading the official bonus packs (one from epic and cant remember the other). i think you can turn it off/turn it down too...but dont quote me on that.

    On the subject of HL2, Im more excited over that than Doom3 - maybe its because i have not played Doom for soooo long. Still looking forward to it alot though.

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  12. oh and according to sources, the september 30 release date has been pushed back till december.

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  13. is that true? i can't wait.

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  14. I think you hit a good point here.
    The games that hooked me from beginning to end are the games that I remember and look to find again.

    For me this means almost the entire Sierra games collection from Kings Quest to Half Life.
    Most of the Lucasarts games and a few D&D based RPGs Buck Rogers 1 and 2. Heroes of might and magic 1/2 And Warcraft 1-3.

    I'm excited to see what HL2 is going to be like, as HL would prob have to be my favorite FPS.

    But I'm honestly not expecting much, CS has made HL a huge phenomenon and theres no promise of another CS.
    Things like CS are once a decade things for gaming and repeating it would probably come off as Super pacman did.

    I own UT2K3 and find it extremely stupid. Fun but I'll take Q3A still, same exact thing IMO and more familiar (couldnt hurt).

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  15. I don´t care that much for Doom really, maybe I'm wrong but I don't whink it will be fun to play, sure it will look good but that's it.
    Half Life on the other hand...yummie, I really look forward to that game.

    Hopefully there will be loads of 'good' games built using the doom3/Half-Life 2 engine...

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  16. if you have valves steam client you can download demos of half life 2, they arent videos. they are actual recorded game play.

    wpdclan.com cs game server -
  17. Half Life for me is still the most thrilling and unforgattable game i've played so far.
    (Thanks to CS also.).

    I enjoyed Doom long time ago, because in 1993 that's the only fps game i know that has good graphics and gameplay. And many games in that year is still 2d, which is also enjoyable.

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  18. If i have a broadband band connection i would download that. But my internet connection is <b> boredband </b>

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