All my games are crashing to desktop

Recently all of my games are crashing to desktop with on the "this program as stop working" message. I have a evga Gtx 550ti phenom II x4 940 4 gigs of ram and a corsair 430watt. i dont know what to do ive tried different video drivers as well as cleaning the registry with ccleaner. I can only play for about 15 minutes before the crash and cpu never gets above 43c and cpu never gets above 60c. Any ideas on whats going on?
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  1. this really looks like a drive issue, try Unninstalling your video card, and reinstalling latest ones, i would recommend for now 290.53 driver latest STABLE beta driver.

    it can also be another program recent installed that is causing this error while running in background.
  2. It sounds like it is your drivers. You need to run driver sweeper to clean out all of the old drivers. Then need to install the latest drivers which is 285.62. When I updated to this one my system started acting the same way.

    So I rolled my driver back to the 280.26 and my 550's have worked ever since. So I will give you the link to a driver sweeper and the link to Nvidia drivers all the drivers. I hope this helps and good luck to ya.
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