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I'm looking at the new 945P chipset board, and I had a question about it. I currently have a 20 pin plus 4 pin power supply at 250 watt. Will this power supply be usefull on the new board, if the newer boards these days have PCI-express and a special 6 pin connector. My current board is ASUS P4P800 SE ...
What wattage do you recommend to run either a Pentium 4 630 or Pentium D 830 ??

Thanks again
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  1. Depends on your graphics card. However, with those processors, I doubt that you'll go cheap on the GPU, so I'd say you need at least a 450W PSU, more depending on the other specific components you want (number of HDDs, fans, optical drives, etc.)
  2. I was thinking about a Gforce 6600gt ro X800GT
    I have two hdd's and Two DVD burners
    Please advise
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