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After many attempts, I am unable to launch Skyrim. I bought the game on a disc, and activated it through Steam. I've launched it from Steam, from the desktop icon, and attempted to launch directly from the program files. I have, through Steam, verified the integrity of the game cache, and have found that works for many others on forums. Not for me though. Every time I click Play on the launcher, it does nothing more than become unresponsive and stop running. Any suggestions?
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  1. Have you installed the latest patch for the game? I had similar problems, only that mine would launch the menu screen. Thereafter, when I clicked on 'Start New Game', it would get stuck on the loading screen. I downloaded the high resolution pack for the game and for some reason, it started running!! Weird, but there it is!

    What are your system specs? Do you meet the minimum requirements for the game?

    Try the following as well:
    1. Update your GPU drivers - make sure you have the latest drivers.
    2. Re-install the game.
  2. Sadly, I have no idea where to find such patches, and I'm sure my system can handle it. (Intel Pentium g850 @ 2.9 Ghz, ATI Radeon HD 6870, 8GB of RAM, all that good stuff) I would assume that the game updates/patches are on Bethesda's website, correct?
  3. can i run skyrim on ultra whit

    AMD Phenom II quad core 3.4 Ghz
    8GB of RAM
    ATI Radeon HD 6770
    win 7 Ultimate SP 1 64 bit
  4. The sound issue sounds reasonable. However, now my system won't output audio or video at all! I have it hooked up to an HDTV via HDMI and I have tried multiple cables, several input locations, and even hooked it up to a monitor with DVI. I'm worried dust has gotten to it because the case is still open, but there has been little activity in that room, so there can't be too much dust. Anyway, it worked before, and now it doesn't. New issue opened up! Yay. . .
  5. Hello Squeeky,
    it seems to me you've got more problems than skyrim...

    If you've activated the game through steam, steam should update the game to latest patch available. Please make sure that you're trying to run the game from an admin account.

    what settings do you have set for the game in the launcher?

    what version GPU drivers are you using?
  6. As far as I know, I have the most recent drivers. I've gone to ATI's website and downloaded the most recent driver I found. I may need to use the disk the card came in and update from there. . . I am running the game as an admin, or at least on the only account on the computer. The game set itself to run on high video settings, and those are the only options I can toggle right now.
  7. Also, it may be helpful to know that the card worked a few days ago. Should I restore the system to its previous state if possible?
  8. you can certainly try the system restore, it wouldn't hurt.

    also, you really want to make sure you're running it as admin.

    The game set itself to run on high video settings, and those are the only options I can toggle right now.
    that, doesn't make sense to me. The launcher has extensive graphics settings, not just low-medium-high.

    also, if your system is having trouble with when you set the sound from 48khz to 44.1khz there might be something wrong with your sound card. (check that you got drivers installed correctly)

    Also, it may be helpful to know that the card worked a few days ago
    which card are you referring to? how is that relevant to skyrim launcher?
  9. This post is to ensure that this thread remains active. I have yet to try playing the game after the most recent suggestions only because my graphics card isn't working. I hope to solve the issue soon. Thanks for all the help!
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