Micro-Stuttering (on laptop)

I discovered this thread which seems to be high-end gaming on rigs and micro-stuttering

Great. But I have that problem (a similar problem) with very old games. I am using a dell 14R and completed HL Blue Shift (a 2001 or so game; the dell has an i3 and 4gb ram so it can handle that game fine). Playthrough was great. And then a few days later I notices micro-stutters with ALL games. Little flickers of video rendering. I tried changing rendering from high to low and using software/opengl/d3d and it still micro-stutters. So I figure whatever is causing the micro-stutters has to be a high priority task. It's unfathomably annoying and makes any game play unbearable and hellish. It ruins all gameplay. This is of all games now.

I have checked for virii and uninstalled AVG and the only thing I can think of is reinstalling system software (something I want to avoid).

This had to be software micro-stutters because it was fine a few days ago.

Could it be malware/virus?

What causes this?

How can I monitor micro-stuttering?

How can I eliminate it?

I'm a noob with solving things like this, but it's wretchedly annoying.
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  1. you dont get microstutter on single card setups. you get low framerates or you have a reasonable framerate but less than 60 and more than 30 with vsnc on. this will cause a noticable stutter that looks like microstutter. turn vsnc off or reduce the games settings.. the reason it stutters is because its waiting for the next full frame. if you turn vsnc off it wont wait but you will see shearing. some gfx cards support variable vsnc and this is the cards that the stutter shows up on. others will just lock the fps to 30 or 60 and have no such stutter issue.
  2. Thanks for response! I realized using a wireless mouse caused stutters. I have since gotten a wired one which reduces stutters (movement via keyboard had no stuttering)

    about the vsync stuff and whatnot...well...that is interesting and may have to reread that a bit to understand.

    what does vsync do?

    I dont' understand the 60 to 30 thing
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