Issue with graphics card playing graphic intensive games

Hello, I have had a problem well playing skyrim and Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning. I will play for around 5-20 minutes and then a black screen appears sound still works, and I have to reboot by holding the power button on my laptop.

Os= Windows 7 64bit
Laptop= Sony Vaio VGN-FW463J/B
GPU= ATI 4650 hd Mobility
4 GB ram etc.. specs are fine to run these games the games run a good framerate on medium settings and heat levels are normal then all of a sudden a random crash, I have tried uninstalling drivers and reinstalling from ATI's website without success it will not allow me to and says I must use the driver from Sony's website. I have updated drivers according to system devices, but the games always crash within 5-20 minutes of play. This never occurred before i had to reinstall windows 7 on my computer.
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  1. check your temperatures, since you are using a laptop the temperatures will work be always close to the max, so with time dust starts to block the air efficiency and you can experience more heat, playing those games that force your gpu to work at 100% can cause an overheat and turn of the video card(black screen).

    Try cleaning the laptop, check if the temps aren't too high, you can also try adding aftermarket coolers and "notepal's";

    sometimes it can just be a drivers issue but if you have the latest version correctly installed, maybe the problem ins't there.
  2. +1 to heat, run msi afterburner or rivatuner or evga precision to log temps whilst gaming, and then come out and have a look at the peaks in the graph for CPU and GPU. Actually HWmonitor might be better/simpler
  3. Even though you say or temps are normal but you have just described a overheating problem. How are you checking your temps? How old is your laptop? When was your last canned air blow out the dust cleaning?

    Just in case you don't have MSI Afterburner here is a link to it and a couple of other ones. I do wish you the best of luck.
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